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Camping, elá elá lááá

30. července 2010 v 0:07 | Nikk Marsová

When you lose your last chance.

I am not sure, if I am able to write this. This is the worst hangover I've ever had. Camping with my classmates was the level higher than I thought. 

Cleaning my teeth at night, hangover, love classmate, hangover, hangover.
Now I am sitting here and I am waiting. Waiting for nothing. I will never be drunk. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

"You look like gay and discofil. Go away from me!" 

I think parents should stay in touch after they get divorced. You know, they should stay friends. It is better for the kid if it knows its parents can talk to each with no problems. ( Oh my gosh, it's so bad and true. 

Buďte šťastní, Nikkey